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A Night To Remember

Step cautiously through
the open doors if you dare
To the mystery that awaits you
At the top of the stairs

A night to remember
Will begin with a cry
You may catch the villain
If you use a keen eye

Think fast, think smart
Because you never know
Who is who, and what is what
In this murder mystery show

Find clues and meet suspects
That will help lead the way
Or maybe they won’t,
Everything’s suspicious in this play

Bang, Pop, Thump
Another one to the floor falls
Who, what, where, when,
The answers won’t come to all

So stay on your toes
Be suspicious and trust no one
Or else you’ll never know
Who was the one with the gun!

A review in rhyme from "M.B." who had a great time!

Terri Workman
Carolina's Payroll

The Carolina’s Payroll Conference decided to have a Murder Mystery as our entertainment for the 2012 Payroll Conference since it went along with our Theme of Lights, Camera, Payroll! As it turns out this was the best entertainment by far that we have had since I have been attending the conference. The Murder Mystery was a great way for everyone to participate and have a good time while having a nice dinner and relaxing in their dinner groups. Attendees seemed to feel more comfortable participating since they were not singled out and could participate as a group. The acting cast was phenomenal and very accommodating to the needs and requests that we presented to them. Mr. Winsett was a pleasure to work with, was easy to contact, and followed up with me very quickly each time I had a question. I would highly recommend Murder Mystery Productions!

Click here to hear Murder Mystery Mix a song by Corey Webb that was inspired by one of our Murder Mystery shows that he attended at the House of Blues!

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
at House Of Blues
"A Deadly Good Time"

By John Stanton, Wilmington Star

"Treat your inner Columbo to a dinner in Myrtle Beach... What makes this kind of Murder Mystery show work is the quality of the performers, and this cast was very good... led by the extraordinary Jerry Winsett, who played the head detective. I was both well entertained and well fed … This Murder Mystery Theatre produced by Murder Mystery Productions was a killer experience."

Dinner and murder on the menu at the Aquarium
By Steve Porter, Myrtle Beach Herald

"The sharks swimming around in Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach aren't the only deadly beings there... Someone has been murdering people, all in good fun of course, as part of the regular dramatization which is carried on throughout this terrific evening of entertainment."

Jenny Neal, Encore Magazine

"Sensational! A tightly woven mystery in which the audience members become key suspects. This lively whodunnit sparkles with an abundance of real suspense as well as an ample supply of humor."

Joe Rinaldi, Reel Carolina Magazine

"Imagine this... you're having dinner, enjoying drinks and conversation with an exciting stranger you've just met when suddenly a shot rings out and your new friend falls face down on the table... dead! A new mystery novel? A new movie? No, this is LIVE and YOU are a suspect. Murder Mystery Productions keeps the laughs and the mystery going until the last climactic moment!"

Jay Rowe, Litchfield Plantation,
Pawley's Island, SC

"Thoroughly enjoyed our evening with the cast of Murder Mystery Productions ... a very entertaining evening and we look forward to working with you again and again with our club, inn guests, and corporate clients."

Rhonda Bullard-Dutton,
Whiteville Harvest Days Festival

"...a unique experience... I highly recommend your Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre... lighthearted, funny, exceptional... You guys are WONDERFUL!"

MURDER MYSTERY … at Brightwater
The Myrtle beach Sun News

“During dinner, members watched a comedic drama unfold and became involved in an interactive “who-dun-it” where they were called upon to help decipher the clues and catch the murderer . This event was a fun evening of dining and entertainment!

Anne Shehdan, Marketing Administrator, Gregory Poole Equipment Company

Murder Mystery Productions ROCKS! Murder Mystery Productions was a total hit at a convention we hosted in Wilmington early in 2012. With approximately 200 people from all over the United States attending, it was a challenge to find entertainment for an evening that everyone could be a part of. Our Murder Mystery Dinner Party was the perfect solution. The actors with MMP were incredible at mingling with our group, without giving it away that they were part of the evening’s entertainment – at least until some of our guests started ‘dying’! Months later, our group is still laughing about that evening and I, as an event coordinator, wish I had more opportunities to work with Jerry Winsett and Murder Mystery Productions. I will not hesitate to call Jerry again!

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