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Of course, a full scale multiple homicide is a killer evening for everyone. But if you are on a budget or having having a small scale event; or looking for entertainment to spark up a party, corporate function, team building meeting or backyard BBQ – look at our list of options below. Our characters will enter your event incognito and then surprise your guests in many different and funny ways!

Here are just a few possibilities:

Small Scale Mystery events
Investigated by the Detective

A Detective enters your event with a warrant for the guest of honor. He produces “evidence” of possible wrong doings (all in fun) and could even mention a few of the other folks in attendance as accomplishes. There are a lot of opportunities for fun and mayhem!
The Detective and The Host

Our Murder Mystery Host works with your guests creating fun and mysterious exchanges and working the crowd until a Detective arrives at your party/meeting with a warrant for someone’s arrest. He produces “evidence” of possible wrong doings (all in fun) and then finds "Red Herrings that indicate a few of the other folks in attendance. There will be much excitement and mysterious fun!
The Detective, The Host and YOUR Cast!

Our Murder Mystery Host and Detective will work with several of YOUR GUESTS, coach them, rehearse them right before the event and do a full scale mystery with your cast members. A favorite for home parties and small corporate events. E-mail Us at contact@murdermysteryproductions.com for more information.
Let some of our "Characters" spice up your party!
Slides: Cast of Characters
You never know what our group of trained professionals may look like. You might be sitting next to a murderer!
The Quarrelsome Couple

They enter with all other guests and are having a good time … at first. Then as the cocktail hour moves on, they become more and more quarrelsome… “I can’t believe you wore that?”, “Why are you staring at that woman all the time”. We will set up the scenario YOU would like to see, perhaps one of them is flirting with the guest of honor, perhaps you’ve set up another couple and they are flirting with each of them, perhaps they just disagree about EVERYTHING until everything comes to a head – and just before it gets too uncomfortable, our Couple burst out laughing and inform everyone that thanks to YOU, they have all been punked!
Characters can be tailored and adjusted for your event. In fact, if YOU have an idea for a character, talk to us about it and one of our talented improvisationist will create that character just for you and your event.

Just like our full scale Murder Mystery productions, our script and content can be as risqué as you desire, OR, very family friendly ... we have performed at venues from churches and synagogues to Bike Rallies and Gentleman’s Clubs. We are ALWAYS respectful of your needs and cater our content to your specifications!
The Amorous Couple

Quite the opposite of the combative couple, these two are clingy and sweeter than candy. As the evening progresses, their public displays of affection become less secretive and then even bolder (but quite decent, of course) until they are making out in corners as your guests are aghast - and that's when you as the host let them know - they've been had - Characters for smaller events strike again!
Anita and Mona

Two “ladies” (think Romy and Michelle style) show up with an invitation to the party – except that, not being that bright, they are at the wrong address. These ladies are risqué or just plain silly and clueless depending on your needs for your event. They will interact with guest, flirting the guys, laughing with the women – until they admit that they are there as plants. It’s a fun episode for all!

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Planning a private party or a corporate event? Murder Mystery is the perfect entertainment for private parties, corporate events, fund raisers, Christmas parties, conventions, and team building. Murder Mystery Productions will make your event unforgettable! If you are looking for unique interactive entertainment for your corporate event or private party, check out our "How it Works" link. Then contact Murder Mystery Productions to book your party. We look forward to being part of YOUR event. Have Fun, Will Travel!

If you are in Myrtle Beach, be sure to call House of Blues for reservations to one of our regular Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre shows! Click on the link below for more information

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